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                Kanglida battery Certification

                Right now,Kanglida battery passed CE certificate,UL certificate,Test report from National center for Quality Supervision and Inspection of Battery products, also Test report from Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry Testing Centre(SRICI).
                For Shipping,Kanglida battery also pass the MSDS data Report (Material Safety Data Sheet).

                1.Kanglida battery CE certification for 2v 4v 6v 12v lead acid battery and gel battery:

                2.Kanglida battery UL certification for 2v 4v 6v 12v lead acid battery,gel battery and agm battery
                3.Kanglida battery Test Report from National Center for Quality Superivision and Inspection of battery Products 

                4.Kanglida battery Test Report from Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry Centre

                5.MSDS Report for lead acid battery and gel battery safety shipping from Kanglida battery.