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                Kanglida battery awarded as ” Excellent Supplier” by clie

                Kanglida battery is awarded as " Excellent Supplier" by clients in 2016! ...

                Kanglida lead acid battery on India Trade Exhibiton

                Kanglida lead acid battery company attend China(India) Trade Fair in Mumbai on 13th-15th,December 2016. Held in Bombay Convention Exhibition Centre (BCEC), Booth number:6A317. Kanglida lead acid battery and gel batteries are widely used for...

                Kanglida battery on Dubai Exhibition

                ZHENGZHOU KANGLIDA ELECTRONIC POWER CO., LTD attend China (Dubai ) Trade Fair on 5th-7th,December 2016. Held in Dubai World Trade Center, Booth number: S1B209 S1B210 (Dec. 5th-7th) Kanglida lead acid battery and gel batteries are widely use...

                Kanglida battery Holiday arrangement for 2017 Spring Festiva

                2017 spring festival arrangement of Kanglida lead acid battery holiday...

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