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                Name:deep cycle 12v 200ah agm solar gel battery




                Usage:UPS,solar system,emergency system,backup power etc.

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                1. 12v 200ah agm solar gel battery description
                Nearly 70% security company in China choose our Kanglida battery!Foucsed on lead acid battery and gel battery production for more than 16 year.
                Here is picture of 12 volts 200 amps gel batteries.
                What's advantages of Kanglida battery?                                        
                (1).Choice--2v / 4v / 6v / 12v battery,0.8ah-3000ah,gel and agm battery,vrla battery,lead acid battery,SLA,Front terminal battery,various choice for you.
                (2).Battery type--Maintenance free operation,rechargeable type and deep cycle type
                (3). Quality control--37 production process,7 steps quality check to promise stable quality and high reliability for  you
                (4). Span life--10 years design life at 25 ℃,at least 1 years warranty,provide you the best service.
                (5). Certificates--CE&UL&MSDS certification and National Center For Quality Supervision and Inspection of Battery Products test approved 
                (6). Material Quality--Fresh lead board , using the best 1# Lead Ingot as material,and ABS Engineering Plastic ,long use life and low pollution 
                (7). Safety Design--Double vented safety design,valve technology to provide  you battery with safety and stable quality
                (8). Fresh Battery--All fresh production 
                (9). Honest Supplier--Kanglida lead acid battery | gel battery | agm battery has been 100 Honest Brand Security products Supplier for many years.
                (10). Many security company buy the Honeywell system in China,most of choose Kanglida battery for the security system. 
                2.Here is 12v 200ah gel battery specification
                3.12v 200ah solar gel Battery packing
                For more choices,welcome to Kanglida battery!
                Kanglida lead acid battery contacts info!


                TEL:+86 15837115730



                Model Number:CA122000

                Maintenance type:free maintenance

                Sealed type:sealed

                Self discharge:approx 2% self discharge per month

                Certification:CE,UL,MSDS,Test Report

                Packing:1pcs/ctn,then on pallets

                Delivery:7-25 days after receipt of deposit

                Warranty:1 year