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                Name:12v190ah front terminal acid battery




                Usage:solar system,ups,telecommunication,backup power etc.

                • description
                • specification
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                    What's advantages of our battery?              

                1.Choice--2v / 4v / 6v / 12v battery,0.8ah-3000ah,gel and agm,vrla,lead acid,SLA,Front terminal,various choice for you.

                2.Battery type--Maintenance-free operation,deep cycle and rechargeable

                3. Quality control--37 production process,7 steps quality check to promise stable quality and high reliability for  you

                4. Span life--10 years design life at 25 ℃,at least 1 years warranty,provide you the best service.

                5. Certificates--CE&UL&MSDS certification and National Center For Quality Supervision and Inspection of Battery Products approved

                6. Material Quality--Fresh lead board , long use life and low pollution

                7. Material--Using ABS plastic shell 

                8. Safety Design--Double vented safety design,valve technology to provide  you battery with safety and stable quality

                9. Fresh Battery--All fresh production



                12v 200ah spec..png





                *All battery is fresh, and full charged out of factory, can use directly.

                *No memory, charge the battery not need discharge it completely, suitable for    circuit design.

                *Safe and stable quality using ABS Engineering Plastic, valve regulated technology, double vented safety design.

                *No leak, friendly to environment, free maintenance

                *Using fresh lead calcium alloy, low self-discharge, easy storage and maintenance 


                1.After received product, please checked box damaged or not, if find crack on battery body, contact with us and logistics, it should be caused by boorish handle during delivery;  

                2.Don’t pull or shake terminal, otherwise, it may cause terminal loosen;  

                3.Battery is not allowed close to Tepid source or basked under the sun for a long time;

                4.Charge in the obturate container is not allowed;

                5.No short circuit. Battery should be stored full of electronic when not in need,and the battery should be charged every three months in order to avoid the irreversible sulphation. When battery case bursts or electrolyte leaks, battery should be changed lest the acid corrosion.

                6.No battery in environment with the acid gas.

                7.When battery is used as the backup battery, be careful and check it at regular time to avoid the damage battery. Especially the battery beyond one year should be checked in time, and change the less capacity and scrapped battery.(some batteries maybe have voltage but no current; some batteries maybe have current but no voltage; some maybe have both but less capacity:all these conditions cannot meet the work,reach the power-on time. Do not forth small battery,cause the huge losses )

                8.Forbidden put battery in the fire, otherwise it will cause an explosion.

                9.When battery cracks or leaks, please use cotton cloth clean it. When skin contacts to the liquid, wash with fresh water immediately. See doctor if serious.

                10.No wash on the surface of the battery with the organic solution. 


                1.UPS     2.Solar system    3.wind power system 

                4.home solar system    5.telecom system


                1526885959215844.jpgKanglida battery certificate.jpg1526885384493511.jpgKanglida Expo.jpg1526888381482330.jpg




                Model Number:CA121900FT

                Maintenance type:free maintenance

                Sealed type:sealed

                Self discharge:low,approx 2% per month

                Certification:CE,UL,MSDS<Test Report

                Packing:1pcs/ctn,then on pallets; 20pcs/pallet

                Delivery:approx 25 days after receipt of deposit

                Warranty:1 year